Bicycle Accident Attorney San Jose

A Specialized San Jose Bicycle Accident Attorney Will Fight for You

Bicycle accidents are often some of the most severe accidents that emergency rooms see. This is because it is often a car running into essentially an unprotected human being, and the car will always win that fight. A San Jose bicycle accident attorney is someone you need on your side when you have been hit by another vehicle, because they know how terrifying bicycle accidents can be and they also know that the legal system may not be working in your favor.

There are many reasons why bicycle accidents occur so frequently, from a driver simply not seeing them, to a driver not paying attention (i.e. distracted driving). Some drivers simply do not respect the rights of bicycle riders and will cut them off intentionally to send them a message that they are not wanted on the road. These drivers are as responsible for the death or injury of a cyclist as drivers who simply fail to obey the rules of the road and cause an accident.

San Jose Bicycle accident attorneys are highly specialized in bicycle accidents of all kinds and they are usually cyclists themselves. They know what it feels like to have a car bearing down on you, to be honked at for doing nothing wrong, and for being cut off when you have a right to your space on the highway. They also know the laws of the road and what your rights are.

A San Jose bicycle accident lawyer is best to have on your side early on, before you ever talk to an insurance accident or the driver of the vehicle. Everyone on the other side may try and treat the entire incident as if it is your fault, even when you are the only one who was hurt, so by having a bicycle accident lawyer working for you, you will be able to let them talk to the attorney rather than you.

The rehabilitation and healing time that is required after even the most minor bicycle accident can take seemingly forever, and while you are dealing with healing, you may be unable to work. A bicycle accident lawyer is necessary to make sure that you are compensated not only for your medical bills, but for your lost wages, lost future wages, and the pain and suffering that you go through. So, while you are working on getting your life back again, your bicycle accident law firm can help make sure that you get everything that you need.

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