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A San Jose Brain Injury Attorney Will Fight for Your Life

You would be very surprised by the number of people who suffer brain injuries every year over 300,000. A total of 56,000 of those people will die from their injuries. Brain injuries are more than just a concussion, and in many cases leave the victim with multiple lifelong disabilities.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident and suffered any type of brain injury or head trauma, then you need a qualified San Jose brain injury attorney on your side. This type of injury is so severe that it often impairs a persons ability to fully function throughout his or her life, and will leave them without the ability to take care of themselves, work, or maintain social relationships.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the leading causes of death in Americans. It is caused by a wide variety of accidents, but most often car accidents, bicycle accidents, and falls in the home. It is not unusual for brain injuries to occur when people are playing sports, at work, and gunshots are also responsible for a fair amount of them as well.

The results of any traumatic brain injury varies from person to person and although medical care has changed considerably over the past few decades, there is still no way to repair the brain. Rehabilitation can help a victim to recover some of their ability to function, but someone who has suffered this kind of injury rarely returns to their pre-accident self.

Obviously, brain injuries are some of the most traumatic of all injuries that can occur and because they affect all manner of a persons life their ability to think, to feel, to communicate, to move, and even to remember the compensation is usually very substantial. But, without a good brain injury law firm on your side, you could be agreeing to a settlement that is not going to cover all of your bills in the future.

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