Pedestrian Accident Attorney San Jose

A San Jose Pedestrian Accident Attorney Will Represent You

It may appear that the nations roads are meant only for vehicles, but they all have an obligation to share the road with bicyclists and pedestrians alike. Just because you are walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street does not mean that you should live in fear of speeding vehicles. You have the right of way, whether you are at a crosswalk or not. And, when you are struck by a vehicle, the chances that you will be hurt are very good indeed.

Pedestrian injuries are extremely common, even in this day and age when it seems that we all drive. Whether you are walking through the parking lot of a shopping mall, or crossing a busy city street, all motorists have a legal obligation to watch out for you and give you the right of way. Unfortunately, that does not always happen and injuries or even death may occur.

If you have been struck by any kind of motorized vehicle, or even a bicycle, you should find a San Jose pedestrian accident attorney immediately to represent you. One of the initial problems of pedestrian injuries is that the pedestrian is often immediately blamed for the accident, even though he or she may be the only one hurt. It is in the best interest of the motorists insurance company to make you feel in the wrong, persuading you not to seek the help of a pedestrian accident attorney and attempt to get compensation.

If you are already dealing with the insurance company of the person who hit you, then you should talk to a pedestrian accident lawyer before you speak to them again. The insurance company may attempt to make you a quick offer, one that sounds good on the surface, but is usually considerably smaller than what is actually due you. A good pedestrian accident attorney will make sure that all the facts are heard and that you are fully compensated not only for your current medical bills, but for future medical issues, including psychological ones related to the incident.

When you are hurt in any kind of pedestrian accident, you may be both physically and emotionally scarred, and it will be longer after the incident that you realize how severe the injuries are. By making contact immediately with a qualified pedestrian accident lawyer who understands these matters, you will be able to concentrate on the healing while they take care of the rest. They are there to help you now and in the future in recovering from all aspects of pedestrian accidents and receiving a fair pedestrian accident settlement.

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